Friday, April 16, 2010

CM Jim Graham is a Safety Net Hero!

Ward 1 CM Jim Graham recently reprimanded Mayor Fenty for closing the $500 million FY 2011 gap with regressive fees that impact the poor most of all, and by slashing funding for safety net programs that keep our communities strong.   CM Graham went on to call for a millionaire's tax to help the city generate enough revenue to invest in an economic recovery that includes all DC residents.   Save Our Safety Net has more on the CM's actions here.

Those who are most vulnerable within our society need to have the greatest protection.   Those with the greatest ability to pay, should pay more.


In an election year, calling for higher taxes (even only on the wealthiest) is a courageous move -- so S.O.S. is encouraging us to thank CM Graham for taking a stand!   Send a "Save Our Safety Net" email to Councilmember Graham here and thank him for being a safety net hero!

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