Thursday, April 5, 2012

Collaborating for better information sharing


Some of what you will find in the new 211

  • Emergency Assistance
  • Immigrant and Refugee Services
  • Public Benefits
  • Seniors
  • Shelters
  • Veterans
Imagine a world in which all social service and support information was at your fingertips.   Imagine a world in which you could find an after school arts program for your child with just a few clicks of the mouse.
With your help, that world is possible.   And soon.
Residents, providers, advocates, government representatives, and techies are working together to make the search tools easier to use and more fruitful.   That's right, we are collaborating to make social service program information more robust and more accessible than ever.   The DC Community Resource Platform group (you can join the Google group here) is moving forward on a number of fronts to ensure that social service program info is available to anyone who needs it.
We need you to help us make this happen.   I hope you will consider taking action in one or more ways:
  1. Tell us if your organization has an internal and/or external resource directory:   Please share that information here.
  2. Share your organization's internal and/or external resource directory:   If you feel like sharing, email print-only directories to Susie Cambria.
  3. Join the group:   Stay apprised of progress, meetings, and work to be done by joining the DC Community Resource Platform Google group.
  4. Tell us about your experience finding social service information:   Take this survey about your experiences seeking social service information for your clients, neighbors, family members, and yourself.   The results will inform the work to improve the resource and referral system as we move forward.
  5. Learn more about what the group is doing:   Much of the information gathered so far along with meeting notes and next steps are on the community resource portal wiki.