Saturday, February 6, 2010

Comments sought on city plan for senior citizens

Did you know that of the 78,320 residents of Ward 1 in 2006 5,270, or 7%, were age 65 or older? (a)   Did you know that in 2000, 9% of the poor in Ward 1 were age 65 or older? (b)    That means that 1,418 residents had an annual income below $8,350 for a household of one or $11,250 for a household of two. (c)

This is why it is so important that the public review and comment on the draft District of Columbia State Plan on Aging for Fiscal Years 2011-2013.   The Office on Aging is seeking public comment as required under the Older Americans Act (P-L 109-365) amended in 2006.   The plan is directly linked to the receipt of federal funds, reported to be more than $6 million.   According to the Office on Aging,

The plan serves as a blueprint on how the Office on Aging will spend the funds for the next three years.   The goals of the plan are to: (1) increase the health and social supports for older residents to enable them to stay in their own home longer; (2) through education, outreach, and advocacy, empower older persons and stakeholders to make more informed decisions about services that impact on quality of life and long term care outcomes; and (3) expand programs and improve coordination, enhance services and outreach to older persons and older persons with disabilities, who are vulnerable and at-risk concerning safety and health access issues.

Comments on the plan are due to the Office on Aging by March 31.

The Office on Aging's questionnaire for family and caregivers is another tool the office is using to gather input.   That is available by going online or calling Anne Williams at 741-5887.

(a) Data from Caliper Corporation via the Office of Planning
(b) Data from the Office of Planning; Census 2000 data

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