Monday, January 18, 2010

ANC 1B's revised community grant policies

ANC 1B has announced that policies governing grants to community organizations serving residents of the ANC have been revised.   The Commission voted on and approved the changes on January 7; they are here.

From Jim Irwin, Staff Director ANC 1B:

Any community organization interested in applying for a grant should contact the Commissioner representing the single-member district in which the organization is located.   Organizations should work closely with their ANC Commissioner in developing and presenting their grant proposal to the full Commission.
A map of ANC 1B single-member districts and a list of Commissioners with contact information can be found at our website,
The standard grant application form can be found in the Library section of our website at or by contacting Jim Irwin, Staff Director.
Please address comments or questions regarding these policies to the ANC 1B Commissioner representing the single-member district in which you reside.

Jim Irwin's contact information is:   PO Box 73710, WDC 20056, (202) 870-4202,

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