Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DOES Transition Employment Program

  Check out the Department of Employment Service (DOES) Transitional Employment Program- A Great Community Resource Linking to Employment
In addition to the challenges of a lack of affordable housing and food insecurity faced by Ward 1 residents, joblessness is a growing concern and reality. On one hand, rising rates of unemployment for members of our community is a result of the economic downturn and continuing layoffs. On the other hand, there are resources that could be available to bolster the skills of residents to earn an honest wage and support their families, but oftentimes we do not have the information to access them.

One such resource is the DOES Transitional Employment Program. To participate, residents must stop by one of the One Stops and register for Project Empowerment, through which they will be referred for training, work, and support in our area. Flyers in English and Spanish with highlights and details are attached. You may also check online, at http://does.dc.gov/does/frames.asp?doc=/does/lib/does/services/TEP_Fact_Sheet-revised_FY_07_%282%29.pdf
DOES Transitional Employment Program (in English)

TEP Flyer en Espanol

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